Counseling & Psychology Services

We use a client-centered, evidence based approach to provide effective and supportive mental health care and treatment

Sexual Health & Gender

Clinical services by providers with specific training and competencies in these areas. Sexual health therapy and groups, assessments, and gender therapy services.


Our psychiatry team focuses on the biochemistry aspects of clients’ mental health. In-clinic and telehealth options available.


On-site pharmacy at our University Ave. location and direct delivery service to patients, offering easy and efficient access to medication and prescription services.


Child, adolescent and family counseling, as well as neuropsychological screening, testing for cognitive functioning, personality assessment, and recommendations for intervention/support.


Group psychotherapy helps solve issues through participation and observation in a group with several others and one or two therapists.


Used to help evaluate emotional concerns, diagnose learning disabilities or ADHD, for example, and to assess cognitive and personality functioning.


Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services for our clients with Medical Assistance to help them function independently in their homes or places of residence.

For Professionals

Personalized service for professionals who want to make a referral. With one designated contact, your patient will be supported through registration and scheduling process. Two ways to make a referral:
Download referral form and fax to 651-379-5159
Call 651-379-5157 and ask for referral assistance.

Natalis Counseling & Psychology

is a multi-specialty practice offering traditional and non-traditional solutions for all ages based on the latest psychological advancements

These solutions range from traditional and individual psychological support and therapy to biofeedback, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), DBT, and group therapies. Click on any of the programs below to get more information.

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