Therapy for Trauma and PTSD

At River City Clinic, we offer a variety of treatments, including Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Exposure Therapy in order to promote healing, acceptance, and relief.


When someone experiences trauma and develops trauma-related symptoms, they may assume a negative belief of self, which can lead to depression, anxiety, confusion, poor concentration and difficulty in maintaining positive relationships. Sometimes, reaction to the trauma can include invasive thoughts or flashbacks, disturbed sleep, exaggerated response to reminders and suicidal thoughts. Trauma can affect how the brain manages day to day events. We use a compassionate approach that addresses all aspects of a person’s life, and incorporate the most current treatments for healing, including, techniques for treating dissociative disorders, as well as CBT, Exposure Therapy, and Supportive Therapy. Some therapists also use EMDR Therapy (see here for more information on EMDR).

What to Expect

Comprehensive diagnostic assessment

Evaluation of symptoms to find the best form or blend of treatments. The type of trauma does matter and requires special focus. We may use EMDR and/or other interventions.

Support of adaptive coping skills and learning new strategies

Coordinated work with other professionals such as social workers, physicians, schools, when appropriate

Learning about trauma, understanding the experiences, and finding techniques to support healing

Empowering the client to feel in control of the memories

Telehealth Options Available


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Professional Staff

Our clinicians are licensed psychotherapists and certified EMDR therapists who have specialized backgrounds in treating trauma, including PTSD. We work with individuals ages 10 and up, and can help address issues such as bullying, abuse, neglect, accidents, deployment, disasters, and other life events that negatively impact day to day living.

It is possible to manage and reduce symptoms many years after the trauma occurred, which means it is never too late to seek help. We treat both simple and complex trauma, including PTSD and dissociative disorders.