Xin Yueh Choo

Xin Yueh Choo (Sin YOU-Weh)

Bachelors of Science in Psychology

It is so lovely to meet you! I have my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a background working in a variety of settings, from non-profit organizations to hospitals, and I love the wide scope of services that counseling and psychology offers. I have found that the people I have served and worked alongside have taught me so much wisdom, compassion, and empathy – and that gives me hope for the future of mental health.  I am a Master’s practicum student, and I look forward to establishing my areas of specialization and flourishing in the counseling field.

I have a person-centered approach, and my goal is to provide an encouraging, welcoming, and warm space for others to recenter and build their mental health to their goals. Growing up in a different country and living in the United States has given me a continuously growing bicultural perspective that feeds into my interest in exploring cultural backgrounds and upbringing. I am especially interested in working with individuals going through life transitions and enjoy being an anchor that people can hold onto when the waves of changes pull a little harder. Whether making meaningful career decisions or navigating unfamiliar systems, I would love to assist in the process and support you.

One of my favorite quotes is “time takes time.” I always find that patience, resilience, and hope persevere through and through.

Xin sees clients at our University location.