Ilasini M Arun MS

Vilasini M. Arun, MS

Doctoral Psychology Intern and Mental Health Practitioner

Vilas Arun, M.S. (she/her) is a mental health practitioner and Doctoral Psychology Intern at Natalis Counseling & Psychology Solutions, under the supervision of Rita Sandidge, Ph.D., LP.

Vilas has previously worked with clients experiencing mood and anxiety disorders, co-occurring mental health concerns, childhood trauma, complex trauma, attachment trauma in relationships, acculturation stress, terminal and medical illness, neurodevelopmental disorders, migration related concerns, academic and work-related stressors. Her clients have varied from ages 5- 70 years, and Vilas holds experience working with clients from different ethnicities, tribal groups, genders, religions, and settings.

Vilas follows a person centered and strength-based therapy approach and finds that it is crucial to view a client from a holistic perspective rather than just their mental health concerns. She practices from a multicultural perspective, holding culture and context as facets that are primary to any individual and/or family. She practices from a relational, attachment focused and psychodynamic framework as she practices by highlighting that origin stories, external factors and relationships contribute to the development of mental health disparities. Her approach is focused on collaborating with the client and strives to ensure that the client feels empowered through therapy. She practices with the perspective of the Diathesis Stress Model, that external factors and genetic predispositions can contribute to health disparities. She invites all types of clients who seek to explore how their unconscious patterns can play a role in their lives and also welcomes clients who have been marginalized or oppressed in society. In sessions, Vilas takes a no judgement approach, and she strongly believes that healing occurs when individuals are given space to share their stories/concerns and feel valued.

Education & Professional Activities
Vilas earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and social behavior and business management from the University of California, Irvine. She then earned her Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of San Francisco in San Francisco, California, where she is also a doctoral candidate in the PsyD Clinical Psychology Program. Her professional association memberships include Health Service Psychologists, and the Los Angeles County Psychological Association. She also engages in teaching students at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level within the field of Clinical, Counseling, Forensic and Trauma focused psychology.

Vilas is working under the licensed supervision of Dr. Rita Sandidge, Ph.D, LP and sees clients at the University Avenue location.