Rebecca Blake, MSW, LGSW

Rebecca Blake, MSW, LGSW

Licensed Graduate Social Worker

Children, pre-teens, and teens often struggle in ways that are hard to understand. I pride myself in helping those children, and their families, to uncover the hurts, heal the pains, and build tools to live a life that offers more joy and better ability to handle struggle and pain. It’s hard for adults to always understand what an adolescent or child is trying to communicate. I can help bridge that gap. My passion drives my work which is why I only work with this age group. I provide a safe space where you feel heard and supported. I am a guide to help navigate thoughts, emotions, and experiences while building coping skills.

I use play with children to help them express their emotions and viewpoints. I use play because it is children’s primary language. Other techniques that I use in sessions include regulation, sensory objects, art, and books. For adolescents I use a more talk therapy approach with art techniques. As well, I help support and guide parent’s through stressors.

I have experience working with young adults, teens, elementary, and preschool-aged children. My experience in early childhood day treatment, elementary schools, and therapy has led me to understand adolescents and children’s ever changing needs. If you are looking for support for you, your child or teen I encourage you to reach out, all are welcomed!

Licensure & Education
Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW)
Saint Catherine University: Master of Social Work
University of River Falls Wisconsin: Bachelors of Social Work

Jennifer sees clients at the Natalis Woodbury location.