Rah Bridwell

Rah Bridwell (They/Them) MSW, LGSW

Mental Health Practitioner

Rah is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker working under the supervision of Richard E. Close, DMIN, PSYD, LPCC, LICSW, LMFT.

Rah believes in the power of connection and relationships. Co-creating an environment with clients, where they feel safe to share their story, is how a healing journey starts. Life is incredibly hard, complicated, and stressful sometimes and we aren’t always provided with all of the resources necessary to deal with it on our own nor should we have to.

Rah strives to always be learning and growing and is excited to join clients where they are at- wherever that is- with warmth, empathy, honesty, humility and a good sense of humor. Rah has a special interest in attachment, psychodynamic, and somatic therapy and views most of their work through the lens of queer & post-modern theory. They are particularly invested in working with trans and queers folks and those whose relationship structures and identities are not always validated by dominant culture.

Rah studied clinical social work at the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities where they interned at the Queens Center for Gay Seniors and Twin Cities Counseling Coop. In addition, Rah has a bachelor’s degree in Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies from Augsburg University and has experience working in non-profit program management, particularly in food justice and insecurity programs. When they are not working, Rah appreciates cooking and feeding their friends, astrology, and reading contemporary fiction.

Rah also receives specialty supervision from Tera Jansen, PsyD, LP, CST and is on the journey to become a certified sex therapist.