Paige Jablonski, MA

Paige Jablonski, MA

Education & Professional Activities
Paige received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Political Science from University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Paige received her Master of Arts in 2016 from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and is currently enrolled in the PsyD program at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, which she will finish at the end of her training year at Natalis. Paige receives supervision from Brie Marion, PsyD, LP and Robin McLeod, PhD, LP.

Paige’s Approach
Paige uses an approach that focuses on client and family needs using flexibility, openness, relationship building, and validation. Specifically, Paige helps individuals to evaluate themselves within other contexts of their life, such as self, family of origin, community, and globally. Paige enjoys helping children and families find their strengths to help them in areas of challenge. Paige also utilizes psychological evaluations for diagnostic clarity and treatment planning specification.

Paige sees clients at the Woodbury location and at the Child and Teen Medical Center in Blaine. Paige is supervised by Dr. Robin McLeod, PhD, LP and Brie Marion, PsyD, LP.

Areas of Practice
Psychological Evaluation including personality and neurocognitive testing

Mood Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Learning and academic problems
Trauma and Loss
Life transitions
Co-occurring disorders
Young Adults (ages 18-22)
Parenting support