Maggie Elinson

Maggie Elinson, LADC

Mental Health Practitioner

Maggie Elinson is a graduate student and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, working towards her master’s degree in Integrated Behavioral Health from the University of Minnesota. She is currently working at Natalis in the role of clinical trainee.

When thinking about the arc of therapy, Maggie wants each person that works with her to feel respected and empowered by the therapeutic process and acknowledged for both their strengths and growing opportunities. Therapy is a collaborative effort in which we grow and change together. Maggie’s approach towards working with clients involves taking a reflective look at the relationship between the individual and their environment, recognizing the numerous ways in which an individual’s surroundings can impact holistic well-being. It is one of Maggie’s goals to always meet her clients where they are at without making assumptions or generalizations; everyone has a unique experience that deserves to be valued and heard. Maggie will welcome you into the counseling space with a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that encourages open and honest disclosure. Involving creativity and experiential forms of therapy is a passion of Maggie’s; she would love to learn more about what inspires you.

Maggie is a multiculturally conscious provider and is welcoming to those of diverse cultural identity backgrounds. Maggie is currently working with children and their families, adolescents, and young adults. Maggie has specific experience in working with concerns around body image, feeding/eating, substance use, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Maggie can also be helpful to those who are going through life and role transitions, are experiencing relational concerns, are pursuing identity development, and navigating the educational system.

Maggie is working under the licensed supervision of Dr. Jennifer Joseph PsyD, LP and sees clients at the Woodbury location.