Moser Louis Mental Health Clinician

Louis Moser, MA

Mental Health Clinician
Natalis Counseling & Psychology Solutions

Louis is one of our pre-doctoral interns who studied psychology at Pacific University in Oregon. They work with individuals and couples of all ages who are dealing with a wide variety of life issues and mental health struggles. Their areas of focus include depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, gender, sexuality, identity, dissociation, autism spectrum, substance use, personality disorders, life changes, and relationship/family problems. In addition to general forms of therapy they specialize in gestalt therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, feminist therapy, couples’ & family therapy, exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and existential therapy.

Hi! My name is Louis and I take a whole-person approach to addressing issues affecting mental, physical, and spiritual health across all stages of life. I will work with you to develop a treatment plan that best serves you as an individual and meets you where you are to get you where you want to be. My approach typically involves starting by identifying issues and goals as we develop communication and trust in the therapeutic alliance, then using a mix of skills training and empathetic insight work to bring you closer to understanding how to create the changes you want and need. I believe courageous curiosity and humble acceptance are the main ingredients of meaningful change, and everyone has the power to take the next step toward greater awareness and satisfaction.

Louis sees clients at the Woodbury and University Ave. locations. Louis is Supervised by Dr. Robin McLeod, PhD, LP and Greg Picker, Psy, LP.