Letitia Singleton Mental Health Practitioner

Letitia Singleton

Mental Health Practitioner and Practicum Trainee

In sessions, Letitia seeks to create a supportive, responsive space where clients can explore past and present experiences, thoughts, and feelings with a felt sense of safety. She believes in fostering a collaborative relationship with clients that centers client values, strengths, and goals. Letitia integrates person centered and existentialist approaches and may draw from other theoretical perspectives, depending on the client.

Letitia’s clinical interests include work with adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, and persistent mental illness, those navigating life transitions and adjustment challenges, and individuals working to develop and strengthen stress management and coping skills. She is interested in working with current and former military members and their families as well as with individuals who have immigrated or sought asylum in the US. Letitia received her bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 1999.

Licensure & Education
Letitia is a graduate student at the College of William and Mary, pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Military and Veterans Counseling. At Natalis, she serves in the role of mental health practitioner and practicum trainee.

Letitia is working under the licensed supervision of Dr. Elizabeth Goodchild, MBA, MA, Psy.D, LMFT, LP and sees clients at the University Avenue location.