Emmett Larsen

Emmett Larsen, MA

Doctoral Psychology Intern and Mental Health Practitioner

Emmett (he/him/) is a doctoral psychology intern at Natalis Psychology under the supervision of Rita Sandidge, PhD, LP.

Emmett’s approach to therapy is rooted in humanistic values and the belief that therapy should be a collaborative and supportive space for pursuing the goals that are most important to the client. He strives to tailor therapy to the individual by integrating principles from approaches such as CBT, ACT, DBT, and relational psychotherapy. Clients working with Emmett will gain skills for better understanding and managing their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and they will gain increased awareness of how past experiences have contributed to their current struggles. Emmett strives to create a deeply accepting space for all clients to learn and grow during therapy and has experience helping clients from widely varied backgrounds with numerous mental health concerns. Emmett enjoys working with adults of all ages, including emerging adults and those in later stages of life.

Emmett received his bachelor’s degree from St. Olaf College and his master’s degree from Stony Brook University, where he is currently completing his PhD in clinical psychology.

Emmet sees clients at our University Ave location.