Dawn Clark - Mental Health Therapist

Dawn Clark, MPS, LADC

Mental Health Therapist

Dawn is a mental health therapist providing individual and group psychotherapy for adults at the Natalis University Avenue location. Dawn is seeing clients through teleheath during the pandemic.

Education and Professional Activities
Dawn completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Professional Studies in Integrated Behavioral Health at the University of Minnesota. Dawn is working towards LPCC certification under the supervision of Ann Becher-Ingwalson, PsyD, LADC, LPCC, DBTC., and practices at the Natalis University location.

Dawn is a member of American Psychological Association and the American Counseling Association.

Clinical Approach
Dawn integrates multiple evidence-based theories of counseling into her clinical approach, including cognitive behavioral theory, motivational interviewing, person-centered theory, attachment theory, and the transtheoretical model. Overall, Dawn’s approach is strengths-based, client-centered, and focuses on techniques proven by research to be effective in counseling practice.

Dawn’s Statement About Her Philosophy of Counseling
“My mission as a counselor is to help clients navigate challenges they encounter on their life journey. I envision every person as a work of art in progress. We all have dark and light in us and we paint on the canvas of our circumstances. I believe each of us is valuable and worthy in our own right. My job as a counselor is to offer perspective, knowledge, and tools for those I work with. In doing so, I hope to add light- peace, health, and happiness- not just for the client, but also their community.”

Individual Therapy
Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy
Substance Abuse
Mood Disorders
Schizophrenia Spectrum
Co-occurring Disorders
Grief and Loss