Cy Webster

Cy Webster, M.A.

Mental Health Practitioner and Doctoral Practicum Trainee

Cy has practiced as an outpatient psychotherapist for over two years and primarily sees adolescents and adults who are experiencing symptoms related to depression, anxiety, trauma, and family and relationship difficulties. Cy aims to be very open, non-judgmental, and willing to listen. Cy practices from a client-centered and relational psychodynamic perspective.

Currently, Cy is primarily performing psychological testing and has limited availability for outpatient psychotherapy clients.

Licensure & Education
Cy is a doctoral student in the PsyD program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and holds a master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services from the same school.

Cy is practicing under the licensed supervision of Dr. Greg Picker, Psy.D., LP and sees clients at the University Avenue location.