Britt Van Buskirk

Britt Van Buskirk, MA

Mental Health Practitioner and Doctoral Psychology Intern

Britt Van Buskirk, MA (she/her, they/them) is a Mental Health Practitioner and Doctoral Psychology Intern working under the supervision of Robin McLeod, PhD, LP.

Britt approaches therapy from a position of curiosity and the belief that everybody has the unconditional right to heal. She believes this healing may look different for each person and works with clients to find and walk that path together. She takes a relational, client-centered approach to therapy and psychological assessment and works to get a full view of the individual, relational, and societal factors impacting the lived experience. She collaborates with clients to build understanding of context and experience to find a path toward greater fulfillment, partially through identification of core values and how they play out in day-to-day life.

Britt works with adults (18+) and especially enjoys concerns related to work/the workplace with a special interest in the restaurant industry. She also enjoys putting together the puzzle pieces through person-centered psychological assessment. While Britt is at Natalis for generalist training, she is also interested in sexual health and relationships. Throughout her graduate training, Britt has worked in the areas of leadership assessment, college counseling, and community-based clinics. She has mainly worked with young adults and enjoys working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Regardless of the setting, she strives to co-create a space of safety and nonjudgment for all.

Britt sees clients at the Woodbury and University Avenue locations, and she is supervised by Robin McLeod, Ph.D., L.P., and Rita Sandidge, Ph.D., L.P.