Strengthen Focus, Attention and Memory

Leading psychologists and educators created Cogmed Working Memory Training™ to improve working memory, the area of the brain that retains information in the short term, and helps you keep focus and solve problems. Since its development, peer-reviewed academic research has established the effectiveness of the Cogmed approach for improving cognitive performance among children, adolescents and adults, including, but not limited to those diagnosed with ADHD, learning differences, and brain injury.

The Natalis Way

Natalis' Cogmed Working Memory Training™ adheres to proven protocols while providing intensive support and advice before, during, and after the program. Natalis’ Cogmed Qualified Practitioner, Paul Ellison, M. Ed., Psy.D. brings more than 25 years of psychological and educational experience to ensure that patients derive the maximum benefit from Cogmed.  Please contact Latishia Carter, our Cogmed Coordinator, at 651-796-3948 to discuss how you can get started.

Who Can Cogmed Help?

While many people can benefit from enhanced working memory, according to the published research, those who attain the most value from Cogmed include adults and children who:

  • Struggle with maintaining attention and learning due to ADHD or other types of learning differences.
  • Have experienced a brain injury, stroke, or other trauma to the brain.
  • Find their ability to stay focused to be diminished, due to aging, increased cognitive demands, or information overload.

In short, Cogmed can help people who want to improve their academic or professional performance and who qualify for working memory training.


The peer-reviewed literature states that 80 percent of those who complete Cogmed training see significant and lasting results. The developers of Cogmed report that:

  • Adults and adolescents who have completed the program say they have an easier time concentrating, do better at work and school, and can more easily remember facts.
  • Parents of children who have successfully gone through the Cogmed training indicate that their kids display greater independence and ability to pay attention as well as improved communication skills.
  • Teachers indicate that students who have finished the five-week Cogmed training pay more attention in class, do better on tests, seem more interested in school and have better executive function.

Please review our Natalis Counseling & Psychology Solutions in-house study on Cogmed: Summer 2013 Cogmed Study.