Alejandro is a veteran of the health system, with 26 years of experience in healthcare interpreting.

From his studies and work in cross-cultural communications, an interest in psychotherapy was born. However, it was the experience developed alongside his own psychotherapist of 20+ years that turned said interest into passion. It became his mission to make sense of the ways in which the brain organizes itself, the development of attachment as a means of survival, and how one can reconstruct learned behaviors through the channeling of a power within.

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A proponent of self-regulation, Alejandro understands the importance in coming to terms with how our personal histories influence current affairs. More importantly, he stresses that the interdependencies between behavior, brain, and attachment may be stubborn, but that they don’t have to be permanent. This is, as Alejandro believes, the beauty of neuroplasticity. With concerted thinking, learning, and acting, the brain can rewire itself time and time again, as it mirrors processes found in early childhood development.

Working in this field, Alejandro meets with a wide variety of clients facing individual, group, and couple-based challenges. And while the therapeutic process itself fluctuates based on gender, gender identity, race, national origin, socio-economic status, ability, and disability; his relationship-based treatment remains founded in energy, empowerment, and positivism.


Alejandro specializes in treating:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Infidelity
  • Trauma
  • Procrastination
  • Time management
  • Human trafficking
  • Life transitions
  • Lack of motivation
  • Memory issues
  • Personality disorders
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Relationship and communication issues
  • Parent difficulties and challenges
  • Adolescent difficulties and challenges

He has extensive involvement with communities of color (i.e. African American, African, Latino, Southeast Asian, and more) in the areas of social services, healthcare, and statewide policy; in addition to individuals with disabilities, traditional and non-traditional families, and LGBTQI.


Alejandro’s solutions of interest include:

  • Connection of brain-emotion-behavior
  • Integrative Therapy
  • Discernment Therapy
  • Strengths Based Approach
  • Prepare-Enrich
  • Narrative
  • Mindfulness
  • Systems
  • Attachment
  • Culturally responsive application of psychological theories

Education and Professional Activities:
Alejandro attended Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota (M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy, Psychology) and Metropolitan State University (B.A. in Management, Adult Learner, Aviation, Linguistics, Diversity, Spanish). Other accolades include: Certified Coach Practitioner, National Certified Healthcare Interpreter, Certified Prepare-Enrich Practitioner.  He has worked with clients across the Greater Twin Cities Area at locations that include: Walk-In Counseling Center - Minneapolis, CLUES, Natalis, Solid Ground, Avante Enterprises, LLC., Holy Rosary Church, and Project Fresh Start.

Contact Information
Alejandro can be reached by calling the Natalis office at 651-379-5157.  Alejandro is a provider for: Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Blue Plus, HealthPartners, HealthPartners PMAP, Cigna, Medicaid, Medica PMAP, PreferredOne, and UCare. 

Please inquire at 651-379-5157, option 1, if you don’t see an insurance plan listed for this provider.