Child, Adolescent, and Family Counseling

River City Clinic/Natalis Counseling has licensed, certified and experienced therapists who work with children and teens using an eclectic blend of theory and practice to assist patients with specific issues as well as to empower and support families.


River City Clinic/Natalis Counseling works with children, adolescents and families who are struggling with a wide range of difficulties such as developmental and behavioral issues, poor functioning and social skills, emotional and learning problems. We regularly collaborate with schools and hospitals to coordinate care and assist families with advocacy, educational planning and family goal setting. We also provide specialized therapy for developmentally advanced/gifted students, and the unique challenges they face.

Some other commonly sought services include:

  • Chemical Use Health, (Assessments, early intervention/prevention, post treatment counseling, and therapy for children and teens affected by caregiver chemical use).
  • Trauma, PTSD
  • Anxiety, depression, OCD, suicidal ideation, and self harm
  • Bullying, school refusal
  • Social media concerns and addiction
  • ADHD and executive functioning
  • Parent Coaching
  • Special education/IEP programming assistance
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder skill development
  • Testing concerns
  • Sexual, physical and emotional abuse
  • Parent Coaching, family cohesion and conflict
  • Relational conflict, defiance, and aggression

Telehealth Options Available


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Professional Staff

Our clinicians are licensed and certified therapists and have specialized backgrounds in Child Development, playful therapy, Integrative Health, attachment research, and Parent Education. remove Education Psychology. With the therapeutic setting serving as a guide, we use a warm and practical approach to affirm individuals and families to realize strengths while replacing unhelpful behaviors.