Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling

We offer community-based, outpatient counseling for individuals, their families and caregivers.


Whether you or a loved one is facing addiction to alcohol, drug, or other substances, therapy can help get life back on track. We can help with naming the problem, identifying goals, and engaging in the change necessary for healing. As appropriate, therapeutic interventions might include individual or family therapy, and/or referral to inpatient treatment or therapy groups. In addition, addiction also affects each member of the family, often leading to a family in chaos. We work with individuals and families to help them regain balance through education about the disease of addiction, rebuilding trust, establishing boundaries, and increasing individual self-esteem. The program includes an evaluation of a person’s chemical use to determine whether it’s unhealthy and the development of a necessary treatment plan to address the issue via science and professional services. We also provide counseling for other addictive behaviors such as technology/electronic addiction, shopping and sex addiction as well as compulsive use of pornography.

Therapeutic interventions:

  • Early intervention for individuals struggling with alcohol and drug abuse
  • Chemical use assessments, including Rule 25 to determine level of use and appropriate treatment
  • Family therapy for those affected by another person’s problematic use of alcohol and chemicals
  • Harm reduction and moderation management
  • Referrals for groups and treatment options
  • 12 Step informed counseling
  • Motivational Interviewing therapy and stages of change
  • Post-treatment help and therapeutic support for the individual and their family
  • Therapy for compulsive electronic/technology use, shopping, sex and pornography addiction

Telehealth Options Available


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Professional Staff

Our clinicians are licensed and certified therapists who have specialized backgrounds in alcohol and drug counseling, and can help with substance abuse, chemical health, addiction, and other addictive behaviors.

Addictions and addictive behaviors often develop when people are trying to cope with other issues and the coping measure can then become its own problem. We provide treatment for individuals with addiction and substance abuse by addressing the underlying issues in therapy, as well as help with current concerns as they arise.

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Natalis Counseling & Psychology has licensed, certified, and experienced therapists who work with people of all ages who struggle with substance abuse, chemical dependency and alcohol addiction.