Our support team at Natalis Counseling & Psychology Solutions helps our new and returning clients obtain the psychological assistance they need, such as scheduling appointments or providing care coordination with other healthcare professionals, to create the best service outcomes for our clients.  Our support team consists of several administrative professionals.

Meet Our Support Team




BK  Becka, BS, Care Manager
















BeckyBecky Gatz, Billing Specialist

Becky has been with Natalis since 2010.  She enjoys spending time with family, reading, gardening, and playing golf. 

What makes Becky's day enjoyable?
She enjoys being able to help clients and co-workers with billing and insurance issues.

One thing that Becky has enjoyed the most about working at Natalis:
What she has enjoyed the most is the opportunity to work with great people. 










Christine, AAS, WBL Clinic Manager

Christine has been with Natalis since January 2016.  Christine graduated with her Associates of Applied Science in Medical Administration from Dakota County Technical College.  She enjoys spending time at her cabin, being outdoors (fishing, four-wheeling, snowmobiling), and is also an animal lover.

What makes Christine's day enjoyable?
The most enjoyable part of her day is interacting with clients.  She enjoys helping and assisting clients with any questions they may have.  She also enjoys working alongside her co-workers and all of the support they provide one another.

One thing that Christine has enjoyed the most about working at Natalis:
What she has enjoyed most is the help and support she has been able to provide clients.







Da Lee Vue, St. Paul Clinic Manager
















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Hannah, Behavioral Health Receptionist
















Jenny, Care Manager















MKV 2Ko, Medical Records Technician

Ko has been with Natalis since 2017. She enjoys playing sports and keeping herself educated by watching documentaries and reading about many parts of the world. 

What makes Ko's day enjoyable?
Ko enjoys helping our clients by meeting their needs. 

One thing that Ko has enjoyed the most about working at Natalis:
Ko's favorite things about Natalis are the comfortable environment, the supportive staff, and the flexibility of the workplace. 






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Kenya, BA, Behavioral Health Specialist












LisaLisa Elsen, Billing Lead

Lisa has been with Natalis since 2003.  

















Liz, Care Manager, White Bear Lake















Mai Na, BS, Care Manager & SLMH Lead 

Mai Na has been a Care Manager at Natalis Counseling & Psychology Solutions since 2015.  Mai Na graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Augsburg College.  She loves the outdoors, especially going on hikes and viewing scenic waterfalls.

What makes Mai Na's day enjoyable?
The Natalis clinicians, staff, and clients make her day enjoyable. 

One thing that Mai Na has enjoyed the most about working at Natalis:
She has enjoyed getting the support from our Natalis clinicians and staff.






Paei, BA, School-linked Mental Health & Community Outreach Coordinator

















Seng, Behavioral Health Receptionist
















IMG 1809Shelby Jonas, Billing Manager

















Susan, RMA, Lead Psychiatric Medical Assistant

Susan has been with Natalis since 2010.  
















Tony, Relations Coordinator