Natalis Counseling & Psychology Solutions, an APPIC-approved clinic and member of ICSI, provides a complete spectrum of counseling and mental health services for individuals and families.

At Natalis, we believe that positive change is always possible to achieve healthier, happier lives, relationships, and Reception Doorfamilies. The key is to know that every problem has a solution—through communication, understanding, and personal effort, anything is possible.

We are devoted to creating positive change and making behavioral and mental health services accessible to everyone in the communities we serve, in a diverse, friendly, and professional environment. With clinicians specializing in psychology and psychiatry services, we help improve lives by offering individual, couples, family, and group psychological support. We offer assessments to help understand problems and determine the appropriate intervention to create the best outcome.

Natalis Counseling & Psychology Solutions is available to serve you and your family in all of your counseling, mental health, and behavioral needs. To schedule an appointment, call 651-379-5157, option 1 or make your first appointment online

 The name Natalis comes from the first instance of psychology in history when people started to believe that they were able to have their own will and choose their own destinies, apart from the gods.